Directing mind wandering through self-regulated learning


When students are learning from videos, they will inevitably think about something unrelated. In this study we aim to investigate what students are thinking about when they are mind wandering while learning from a video and whether this is related to how well they are self-regulating their learning. With the intention of directing what students are thinking about while they are mind wandering, we also research the effect interpolated testing or self-explanation writing at pauses during the video has on what students are thinking about. This knowledge can then be used to improve the usage of interactive videos in higher education.

Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023 13:00
Symposium: Video for Teachers/Teaching Practice
University of South Australia
Adelaide, SA 5000
Daniel Ebbert
Daniel Ebbert
PhD candidate at the University of South Australia

Daniel is a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. After having worked in the field of providing educational technology to lecturers at universities in Germany, he joined the University of South Australia to start his PhD. His research focuses on improving educational videos provided to students at higher education institutions, with a specific emphasis on exploring mind wandering and self-regulated learning. By delving into these aspects, Daniel aims to develop insights and techniques that can enhance the effectiveness and engagement of educational materials in a university setting.