Self-regulated learning and off-task thoughts in online learning: Investigating the interaction during learning from videos


Self-regulated learning is critical for success in online learning. However, students inevitably experience off-task thoughts (mind wandering) that can disrupt learning. Although these two factors have been studied independently, the relationship between self-regulated learning and off-task thoughts has not been studied extensively. This research explores the relationship between self-regulated learning and off-task thoughts while learning online from a video. A mixed methods approach combines meta-analysis, a case study, an experiment, and comparative analysis to investigate off-task thought frequency and its influence on self- regulation processes. A conceptual paper will present a model of how off-task thoughts may prompt reactive self-regulation during learning. Meta-analysis will synthesize the occurrence and impact of task-related interference. A naturalistic case study and controlled experiment will gather self-caught thought reports during actual and simulated video learning. Comparing results will assess generalizability across contexts. This research will provide theoretical and empirical insights into the relationship between off-task thoughts and self-regulated learning when learning from videos.

Wednesday, 20 Mar 2024 13:00
Daniel Ebbert
Daniel Ebbert
PhD candidate at the University of South Australia

Daniel is a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. After having worked in the field of providing educational technology to lecturers at universities in Germany, he joined the University of South Australia to start his PhD. His research focuses on improving educational videos provided to students at higher education institutions, with a specific emphasis on exploring mind wandering and self-regulated learning. By delving into these aspects, Daniel aims to develop insights and techniques that can enhance the effectiveness and engagement of educational materials in a university setting.