Are students binge watching lecture recordings? Students lecture recording usage patterns over time.


Lecture recording usage in higher education has become frequent. An assumption of many lecturers is that this will lead to decreased attendance by students and incentivizes watching all lecture recordings in a short time. The available literature on lecture recording usage and students attendance is inconclusive. It has been shown that this can not be generalized and that students usage of lecture recordings and attendance varies. By using process mining and clustering this study shows that there are three groups of students. One group that does not use the lecture recordings and two groups that use the lecture recordings. The latter can be split into one group that uses the lecture recordings regularly and attends the lectures and another group that does not attend the lectures and uses the lecture recordings within a short time frame. Only a small group of the students uses the lecture recordings in an inefficient way for learning while nearly half of the students benefit from the lecture recordings and use them as part of their regular learning process.

06-02-2020 00:00
Gent, Belgium
Daniel Ebbert

Daniel Ebbert is currently working on his doctoral project at the University of M√ľnster. His interests include lecture recordings, eLearing and learning analytics. He signed the Cost of Knowledge as well as the Commitment to Research Transparency and Open Science.