Patterns in the appropriation of a learning management system by instructors based on Q-methodology


Learning management systems are widely used and their adoption and usage is well researched. However, most of the research about learning management systems is based on technology acceptance models which do not include the users appropriation. Appropriation of learning management systems is understood as the combination of functionalities within the learning management system for new purposes. To study which functionalities are perceived as important by the instructors Q-methodology has been applied. The items for the Q-set are the functionalities of the learning management system. The result is that there are three factors. These are the usage of the learning management system for (1) convenience, for (2) tracking the progress of the students and for (3) facilitating student interaction.

University of Twente
Daniel Ebbert
Daniel Ebbert
PhD student at the University of South Australia

My research interests include self-regulated learning, mind wanderind, learning analytics and video usage in higher education.